Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How do I work this?

New stuff coming this week. Thanks for being patient. Last week I had to throw together a research paper on The Atomic Cafe, do a small project with After Effects, get some experimental footage (some of which you may have seen by now), re-record some audio stuff with Joseph (for MYSTERY PURPOSES), and accurately impersonate David Byrne doing this for my theatre class. It was kind of busy. Stuff has slowed down slightly, at least. So another week of silence from me shouldn't be expected.

So I just checked my facebook friend count and it's closing in on 1000 people. That's crazy. Needless to say, Marble Hornets fans that have friended me now greatly outweigh all the people I actually know. That's fine, don't get me wrong, I like talking to MH fans. The vast majority of you are cool dudes. That being said, I am starting to notice some patterns arise. So in order to hopefully address some of this stuff all at once, here's a list of super common questions/comments/whatevers and what I'll probably respond with:

-I really liked this thing you did!
 Thank you!

-I really didn't like this thing you did!
I will try harder next time.

-This thing you did totally sucks, therefore I now assume you have a sexual orientation that my parents told me is bad.

-When is the next entry coming out?
When it's finished.

-What editing software do you use?
Usually Sony Vegas 9. 

-[Marble Hornets story related question]
Why would I answer this.

-[Marble Hornets theory], is this right?
 Yes! You have figured out the mystery. Marble Hornets is now over.

-Will you read/watch/critique this thing I made?
I can't make any promises, but I'll try.

-Will you read this Marble Hornets fan fiction I wrote?
I've had terrible experiences with these in the past. So I'm hesitant to say the least.


-Have you seen Splendorman?

-[twenty dolla joke]

-What's your XBL gamertag / steam username?
Both are winecannon.

-My friends and I are thinking about doing our own youtube series similar to yours. Do you have any advice?
Drink plenty of liquids.

-How did you make The Operator?

-When is the DVD coming out?
What DVD?


  1. Ahhh, the frequent trolling of Troy Wagner! I am a facebook friend and I always get a kick out of these questions/statements on your wall.

  2. -When is the DVD coming out?
    What DVD?

    Heh, that's not what I herd.

  3. Good lord. I can't believe how annoying some people can be. I am nervous enough just thinking about what I am going to comment about, but at least I think before I post then post before I think. : p Oh yeah, I am that enlightened.

  4. It really can become troublesome. A friend and I made a few test footage clips and our inboxes are filled with questions.

    I prefer not to ask or talk about MH sinc ei think you and Joseph are cool guys and the few times I've spoke to yous I've had laughs :)

  5. Ah, you trolling troll. Hard to believe that someone so silly is involved with something so terrifying.

    I've got a question, incidentally. Has anyone contacted you about the Slender Man Creator Out-of-Game tinychat? And would you be interested in stopping by there every once and a while to meet with other creators?


  6. Same as it ever was.


  7. I would pay quite a bit of money to see you impersonate David Byrne doing that. That song has been stuck in my head for like a week now, so it's kind of weird that you mentioned it.

  8. Now I'm confused. Was it not Troy who previously stated (A) the preferred "in-game" name for Slenderman was "The Operator" and (B) that he wanted to make a DVD release with special features at some point?

  9. @Zarggg:
    (A)He trolling trolls;
    (B)He trolling fans.
    Sigh... Now I want to start my own ARG because I want troll trolls too (Well, at least I have very good concept, and it even don't have Slenderman in it till 9th video).

  10. As long as you're answering questions, I've always wanted to ask: why did you decide to have an Entry #19.5 instead of just making that one #20? It seems like all the other tiny things still got whole numbers...

  11. @Bran That's something that would probably be explained in a commentary for a disc read by lasers. Pure speculation, though.

  12. The acting in entry 36 was well done, reminded me of Breaking Bad for some reason.

    @Everyone: the magical disk is obviously a BluRay :D

  13. Super psyched to see an entry that for once a) doesn't scare the buhjeezus out of me, and b) answers more rabid fanquestions than it poses. You have the makings of a brilliant filmmaker! I desperately want to stop thinking about MH/giving myself nightmares, but I am helplessly absorbed.

    Much admiration,
    A Spellbound Psych Major

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  15. @onetruepurple Reminding someone of Breaking Bad is one of the biggest compliments I've ever received. I want to be that show when I grow up.

  16. Just a quick MH-related question.

    In Entry ######, the voice distortion. How was it done? Was it in Vegas, or another program? I'm asking because I want to generally mindfuck people when I am on the phone, or video chat.