Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One Last Beginning

Season 3 of Marble Hornets, the final one for real this time, has officially started. Keeping updates regular should be a little bit easier this time around. I'm finally done with school and Joseph has a really flexible work schedule. Tim, well, not so much, but at least we're not having to work around all three of our weird schedules for once.

We have some pretty awesome stuff lined up for this season. One entry in particular I'm incredibly anxious to have done because I love the idea so much. No details, of course, but I've got some high hopes.

In Season 2, we really tried to get a little more character development with Jay and Alex. Mostly for Jay, because I felt that he was really just a walking tripod in Season 1. I think we even referred to him as "The Gordon Freeman" back then or something. So for the final season, as you may have guessed by now, we're going to attempt to flesh out Tim a little more. Tim (the "real" Tim) has some pretty good acting chops, so I feel it would be kind of a waste to not give him the chance to speak (and to an extent, do) more. He's a dedicated guy, so I'm sure he can handle all the stuff that's coming.

Thanks for waiting through the break, everyone. It's good to be back.