Thursday, May 26, 2011


I've noticed a new trend when I read the responses whenever a new Entry is posted, and it's a little alarming. A good number are letting these blog posts influence their opinions about what goes on within the Marble Hornets story. It should go without saying, but this is not my intention at all. I purposefully leave a ton out and don't share any behind-the-scenes-production-stuff that could spoil things in any way.

So yeah.

Other than that, the response to #41 has been great! I think that reshoot was definitely worth it.

I'm off for a long weekend starting today. I'll be visiting probably-the-best-place-in-Alabama Auburn to have some long overdue outside time. Going to try and write the script for #42 while I'm out there. Vacation shmaycation.

Monday, May 23, 2011


I was able to get out and redo the shots for #41 Saturday, as well as get a few that I didn't think of getting until then. It should be a quick edit, so expect it around the middle of the week.

Joseph was in Florida for the pretend rapture his birthday. I kind of forgot he was doing that. Luckily, Tim was a little angel and helped out with the shoot. Then he made me a contact microphone from scratch just because he wanted to. Having an excuse to use his soldering iron probably had something to do with it. I documented its creation for no distinct reason:

(He found out the people that work at Radio Shack don't really know what you're talking about when you ask for something that isn't a cell phone.)

Once we got it working, which involved hastily wrapping it in electrical tape to cancel out vibrations in its casing, it gave some pretty great sounds. Putting it against Tim's face while he ate sunflower seeds was a little disturbing to hear, though.

Then we played this. It was hilarious:


It was also really stupid.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Do and Redo

Last week was brutal.

I came back to the alright-I-guess city of Birmingham for what is basically my annual summer-job-ish thing with Red Fox Media. My major's "special requirement" is to put in a couple hundred internship hours at an approved company before I can graduate, so I kind of gamed the system and got them to count something I've been doing for three summers straight anyway. I feel like I cheated by not begging to work with dozens of other production companies and getting rejected first.

I'm not used to having to wake up early and drive half an hour into work, so most of last week was spent trying to get over my college student sleep schedule. It wasn't much fun. I spent the weekend basically sitting around playing video games and sleeping in, which probably gummed up my weekday sleep schedule even more. Oh well.

Part of Sunday was dedicated to shooting MH stuff with Joseph. When I got the chance to look at the footage a few days ago, I wasn't really happy with it. The most important part of it at least. I forwarded it along to the big cheese, and he thinks we should redo the important shot. That pretty much guarantees a slightly longer wait than I originally thought for Entry #41. The internship definitely complicates our shooting schedule, too. I'll need to take the hour long drive to Tuscaloosa this weekend to get this one shot, but I'm hoping we'll have a chance to shoot the next entry as well. Nothing's been set in stone yet, though. Luckily, this internship isn't going to last all summer. Since I'm not really getting paid for it, I'm going to be able to leave as soon as the exact number of required hours have been hit. That'll free up a ton of time.

I know things feel like they've been updating slowly lately, and that Season 2 right now seems to be stuck in a loop of unhappiness perpetual state of "just getting started". I'm really sorry about that. We're trying hard to fix that feeling, but it's tough with all the things I'm having to juggle at the same time right now. So, as always, thanks for being patient with us.

I promise we'll make it all worth the wait.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Tiny vampires hiding in the grass

Slowly getting back up to speed over here. We managed to get everything shot at once on Saturday, but due to having to work crazy hours the past couple of days, I haven't even had the chance to look at what we shot yet. I'm going to try and start editing when I'm off in about two hours.

It was a surprisingly easy shoot. As expected, the hike up to the location wasn't great due to our arms being full of encumbering stuff. I also managed to get two ticks on me, despite my best efforts. Cringe. But once we got to the location, things went smoothly. Blocking, a process that usually takes longer than it should, only took about 20 minutes. After about 4 or 5 takes we were confident we had what we needed. That kind of scares me. It's usually not that simple. Guess I'll find out later today.

I ordered the last bit of equipment for our new, incredibly basic DSLR camera rig on Saturday too. Whenever it gets here, we'll be ready to start shooting our new, "less serious" series. I can't decide how I want to post it, though. It probably won't be on the THAC channel. We want all of the non-MH stuff to be under one production "company" name, so we'll make a whole new channel for it. The biggest problem with that being that we have to find a way to reliably let the audience know where that is.

There's also the problem of when to start posting the new series. We know people value "immersion" within the Marble Hornets universe, so we don't know if we should be posting videos of both Joseph and myself acting....well.... kind of silly. My preference is to start posting them near the end of this season, but who knows what will actually happen.

On a completely unrelated note. I wish I could learn how to wolf whistle.