Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thanks Windows 7

Sometimes these video thumbnails just work out wonderfully.

Busy as always over here. Trying to get Joseph to stop by tonight and re-record some audio that somehow got corrupt for the mystery item we've been working on. Editing new stuff while I wait.

Speaking of mystery items and new stuff, we've begun early early work on our next project. Writing ideas down, mainly. Google docs is wonderful for that. I'm pretty excited for it, should it all work out, which I suspect it will. I'm trying to decide on whether or not we should let Marble Hornets finish up before starting work on the new project proper, though. I'm thinking MH needs to be finished before moving on, but who knows what will happen. I do know that we were desperate during season 1, at points, for something less "serious" in nature. The new project fits that pretty well.

However, there's no set timeframe right now for Marble Hornets ending nor the new project starting. It's all speculative for the time being.

Either way, you guys will be the first to know. Whatever happens.

Now here's some pictures that may or may not be from shooting the previous entry:

We're prepared should this ever become a musical, by the way.

My favorite by far.


  1. Awesome - I was wondering what you guys would be up to after MH. Good to hear you aren't putting the camera down for good once you get the ring to mordor.

  2. Ahahaha. Tim and his shenanigan faces. What is he looking at in number four?

    Just noticed the tentacles around the tarp window.

    What does Alex have on his face?


    oooo~ mystery item :3

  3. It's a good thing Tim was un-masked in that last, then. It'd be pretty hard to sing with that thing on.

    It'll be awesome to see what you're up to after Marble Hornets, whenever you're ready to let us know more!

  4. That first pic of Tim is amazing. It is like you just told him the secret of the universe! And Marble Hornets: The Musical, I fully support this idea! That is the truth, Slendy wants ya'll to make a musical about him.

  5. Love Tim's pics.

    "I am all that is man"

  6. HAH! I love behind the scenes stuff!

    I will definitely stick around for Post-Marble Hornets Projects.
    Keep up the fantastic work.

  7. Picture 1: Epic face
    Picture 2: Epic face
    Picture 4: JIZZ. IN. MY PANTS

  8. I want Marble Hornets: Musical. Seriously.
    Characters sings, talks, and then you realize, that Slenderman standing right behind them in the (D)ark.

  9. mfw all of the weird tones in every TTA entry, when played together, harmonize into a beautiful musical number to tap dance to.

  10. It "somehow" got corrupt, huh