Saturday, August 16, 2014

Continuing On

As you probably noticed, I haven't updated this blog in quite some time. Sorry about that. Truth be told, I kind of forgot about it. Between finishing Marble Hornets, relaunching the THAC Store, the Kickstarter, the podcast, and soon becoming a dad(!!!), This ole' bloggin' thing slipped away from me.

Now that MH has wrapped up, I won't be posting on here a whole lot about it anymore. We're working on figuring out how we want to do an overall THAC blog, where we can post updates on what all we're doing. The program we use for the store has some pretty alright blogging features built into it, so if we don't find anything better we'll just stick with that.

But until then, and so that this update isn't totally devoid of actual updates, here's some stuff we're currently working on:

  • Testing out adding a forum onto the THAC website
  • New THAC Charity items on the store
  • Assembling the MH Season 3 DVD
  • Working on a new DOS-O-RAMA, Earth & You, and THAC Short.
  • More preliminary work on the super secret next series.

Busy as usual, which is great!

Anyway, I'll keep this blog around for more personal stuff now, I guess? I never really have much to say about myself, but I'll try.

In about 4 more months I'll have a daughter flopping around the place, which is totally crazy. I can't imagine I'll have a whole lot of free time once that happens, but I'm pretty okay with that. The only thing I'm worried about is whether or not I'll make enough off of all this to support her properly. It's looking alright for the time being, but this line of work isn't exactly known for its consistency. Getting another job on the side wouldn't be the end of the world, I just love being able to devote all my productivity to what I do now.

Oh well, worrying is dumb. I'll try not to neglect this blog anymore. Thanks to everyone that reminded me I still have it!

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Oh maannn have things been busy. And changing. Things have been busy changing but also busy in general, is what I mean to say.

None of it in a bad way though, which is...y'know, good. We've finally gotten around to doing something we've been talking about for more than a year now, and that's to form a legitimate company that can kind of be a catch all for everything we do. The bureaucratic paperwork was a nightmare and I still don't think I'm fully finished with it yet, but as of late last month THAC LLC is now a thing. We have a P.O. box!


What does that mean for all of you? We're a bit more unburdened now by the financially complex way we used to operate, which should translate to more stuff sooner on both the Marble Hornets and THAC fronts. Holy crap that sounded so buzzword-y, ugh I'm sorry. We have official "office hours" now too, instead of "hey come over whenever I don't care who knows I might even be awake" hours. Granted, by "office" I really mean the three of us in my spare bedroom with folding tables for desks, but hey, baby steps.

Along with that, we've begun the process of centralizing everything we do. Before, it was all spread out and disorganized, with the MH and THAC youtube channels, the live streams, this blog, and the DVD store all essentially being separate entities. We're now working on making all of that available in one place with the website. It's still being worked on, but once it's finished it should be the place where you can easily get to anything we make. We're also planning on adding some new things along with it as well, like a podcast and Twitch live streams (we're likely to be migrating to there from Ustream soon).

ON TOP OF THAT, we've launched an official store as well. It's bare bones at the moment, only having the leftover stickers that are available from GMX and Austin Comic Con, but there will be some new additions to it very soon. A few of which are probably pretty obvious. Right now I guess we're considering it a soft launch or a beta. It should be noted that we are in complete control of it too, stocking and shipping are all us, so any questions or problems you might have in regards to orders go directly to us (the dedicated support email is

We want to remain as transparent as humanly possible when it comes to dealing with all of this new stuff, so if you want to know anything at all, just ask! We're super amped about this new way of doing things, and have been working all week on getting it all set up and organized. We'll be back to shooting the next MH entry early next week, as well. So as always, stay tuned and thanks for being tuned in the first place!