Monday, November 21, 2011

Lvl. 2 Seasoned Veteran

Alright. Whew, I've had a week to catch my breath.

I wanna start off by saying thanks for all the positive response to our final Entry of Season 2. It really made the horrible nightmare that was editing it and getting it rendered all worthwhile. I want to apologize again for the two day delay on getting it uploaded. Vegas finally decided that it'd had enough of my multiple layers and ridiculous audio distortions and got back at me by being all "I WILL TAKE THIS NO MORE" and crashing every time I tried to render. I think I saw it give me the finger a few times before it did, too. What a little drama queen.

It was an incredibly stressful weekend, trying to fix the problem while also having to finish up my last theatre light board job ever for the school, not to mention having a few shifts at my pays-actual-money job too. I was about ready to just give up altogether, delete the internet from my computer, and live as a bearded hermit for the rest of my days. I think the fact that I'm incapable of growing a respectable beard is the only thing that kept me from going through with it.

Shooting the entry itself took a long time, easily beating what I said about #50 taking the longest in a few blog posts back. Luckily, it was an absolute joy to shoot. Jessica took an entire day to help, right before leaving for London to study abroad. That's a pretty high level of dedication for a little ole' web series. Unfortunately, I had to cut a fairly wordy scene between her and Jay as it didn't really flow with the rest very well and just added on to the already lengthy running time.

Maybe that's something that can be included on a Season 2 DVD? Speaking of which, we're starting work on the Season 2 DVD.

I can't give any details about what all is going to be on it since we're still planning everything out. But I can say with confidence that we're going to step up the quality significantly from the Season 1 DVD. We've read all the suggestions you folks made a while back, and will be trying to fulfill as many as we can.

All I know for sure right now is that I've been given the responsibility to personally put together the blooper reel this time. Possibly all the behind the scenes stuff too. There's a very fine line between the two with us, after all. I've been keeping a folder of all of our screw-ups on camera for just such an occasion. How will I pick which ones will be included on the DVD? I love them all like my children.

After I post this, I'm going to compile the Season 2 credits and have them up on my youtube channel by Wednesday. I ask that you please go watch it when I do. Everyone that helped out in front of and behind the camera deserve recognition for everything they did. The cast and crew were a bit bigger this season, so you won't just be seeing mine and Joseph's name for pretty much everything this time. Sorry. I know you're all torn up about that.

So that about brings us up to speed. No, wait, one more thing. Keep an eye on the youtube channel after the credits go up. We have something extra special and covered in cake frosting coming up there soon after. I think you will possibly enjoy it.
Hope all of you little wonderful bundles of smiles have a good Thanksgiving. Unless you don't live in the states. Then I guess have a good week of no national significance, nonetheless.