Monday, February 13, 2012

Announcement Time

Oh man. We're finally ready to go.

The Marble Hornet Season 2 DVDs will go on sale over on the website this Thursday, February 16. They will be the same price as the Season 1 DVD ($11.95 + S&H). We've been working on getting everything in order for it for the past couple of months, and are really pleased with how it looks.

Here's what's on it:
  • Entry #27-52 and all season 2 ToTheArk videos. Since this season was a lot longer than than the first, the entries now span both discs.
  • Full commentary by me, Joseph, and Tim. It's not as drunk as last time, so it's a bit more informative.
  • Blooper reel edited together by me this time. No duck quack.
  • Deleted version of Entry #37 with a quick introduction by Joseph and I. (The entry itself isn't canon)
  • Setting up the shot used in Entry #45 and the first kind of unorganized "rehearsal" of it.
  • The "foley work" of getting the flashlight-hitting-skull sound effect used in Entry #33. "Work" is used very lightly here.
  • A timelapse of one of the masks being made.
  • All the season 2 tweets.
  • And an extra special surprise that I may or may not have already mentioned on this blog.
(And to those wondering, the creator of this season's fantastic DVD art was the talented Mr. Keith Pickering. Go give him high fives!)

Along with the new DVDs, we've also got another little something going on sale Thursday.

We were always kind of on the fence about printing MH tshirts. However, there's been a huge number of requests for them, and we didn't want to keep refusing them forever if it's something people actually want. Now that we've had some time to warm up to it, we're ready to have them available.

We wanted to keep them as minimalist as possible in their design, so the print is only on the front of the shirt. They feel similar to American Apparel, so they're very comfy. They'll be priced at $12.95 + S&H. And the sizes available are small through extra large.

There will also be the choice of a package deal if you want, with both the season 1 and 2 DVDs as well as one of the shirt designs for $32.95 + S&H.

And that basically wraps it up. Thank you so much for any purchases you decide to make, as it helps us fund season 3 and all the other stuff we're working on! And if you don't want to buy anything, that's cool too, just watching the things we do is plenty of support to keep us going!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kami-Con goings-on

While we will be wandering around Kami Con all weekend, we're only scheduled to do one panel, and that will be tomorrow night at 11pm in the Forum Room, which is upstairs in the Ferguson Center at UA. We'll keep things laid back and just kind of chat for an hour about how we make Marble Hornets and stuff we've learned along the way, time permitting we'll also do a general Q&A. If you're thinking of coming, please do. Tim will let you touch his face or something probably.

After that, we'll be around for the rest of the weekend either at our booth signing stuff and selling season 1 DVDs, or going to the other neato panels, especially anything involving our little sweetie pie Little Kuriboh.

To see all the other stuff going on, here's the full schedule. See you there!