Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ghost Wrench

At long last, I'm glad to say that Entry #66 is finally done. I think that it had close to, if not the most rewrites of any entry to date. We felt that the scene at the beginning was important enough to take the time to write it as carefully as possible. We'd write it, then do the scene together, each time usually finding something that didn't flow as well as it did on paper and change it. We even went to try and shoot it on three separate occasions, but kept having to cut it short for various reasons. It was a long process, but hopefully one that people feel was worth the wait!

By comparison, the "stalking" scene was a breeze to shoot, and lots of fun. It was done a good couple of weeks before the beginning scene was, which cleared up plenty of time to focus entirely on it. Shooting that was one of the few times we've gone out there and not run into other people. That's probably for the best, as it probably wouldn't look too great to suddenly see two dudes stalking someone through an abandoned building while brandishing a unnecessarily large wrench. The fact that it was like 8am on a weekday probably had something to do with that.

As far as the next entry goes, we're in the process of finalizing details for it. We have one or two things already shot, but the more involved stuff is yet to come. I'll probably spend the rest of this week getting all the writing locked in. Going to try and shoot a little more while I do that to keep things moving if scheduling will allow it. Either way, I definitely don't anticipate a wait as long as the last one for it, which is a welcome change.

Also, we're hankering to do another livestream sometime soon. If you have any suggestions, let me know! I was thinking of Surgery Simulator 2013, given our extensive experience with such things.