Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Don't want to sit through 2 hours of Tim screaming at a game while I laugh at him? Someone went and found all the parts where that didn't happen and compiled them into one suppository video.


  1. Bout time tim was the one running scared from his computer, not me!!

  2. The Butthead impressions get me every time.

    That and the uncontrollable laughter. It's contagious.

  3. I actually made this XD
    If Tim posts the last one on youtube or I somehow get the recording,
    I'll definitely make another. ~ You guys are hilarious :D

  4. I love this Let's play xD But how are we supposed to know when you'll be doing the live play throughs? Tim mentioned at the end of Day 3 it was a weekly thing... if you could let me know that'd be great ^-^ Thanks!~