Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Very Special Feature

I'm very happy to announce that this trailer is going to be on the Season 2 DVD.

Friday, December 23, 2011


Tim, Joseph, and I got together a few nights ago and got the season 2 commentary recorded and sent off to the big cheese. We did two takes back to back of the entire season, which is significantly longer all the way through compared to season 1. We started around 10pm and finished at 5am, which was the exact same finishing time for season 1's commentary. Weird. I stayed up an hour or two more getting everything packed up and sending the audio off to the mysterious, far-away land of California for review. All signs point to it being finalized for the DVD! I feel so triumphant.

We tried to keep things lighthearted for the commentary while talking more about the actual shooting process since people seemed a bit split on the slightly-drunk content of the season 1 commentary. Hopefully we can make everyone happy this time.

There's still a few more things to check off the todo list before we can start taking orders, so stick with us. We're aiming to have it released a bit before season 3 starts.

Hope all of you little bowls of sauerkraut have a neato Christmas!