Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A dump of news

Whoops forgot to update this for a while there.

I was really stoked to get the latest MH entry out. It was a heck of a shoot, all done in one night, but it turned out great and Jessica was easy to work with as usual. I honestly wasn't expecting a non-reluctant yes when I asked if she would be okay with Tim carrying her over his shoulder down some stairs while maintaining a limp, but that's exactly what I got. Everything was smooth sailing from then on, despite being so time consuming but that's unavoidable for really involved shoots like this. I think we started around 10pm and didn't fully finish until about 5:30am. It was tiring to say the least, but we're all pretty proud of the end product!

I've been writing the script for Entry #77 all this week and we're aiming to shoot this weekend. Tim is working on his own video project for school that he needs to have done by early next week, so there's a possibility that it'll overlap with MH filming. That's totally fine though, it should take priority for him anyway, and won't really push things back all that majorly. Basically what I'm saying is that the next entry is being worked on and is coming soon.

In my free time, I'm also working on an animated short, which I mentioned over on my Tumblr some time ago. Obviously my initial estimation of having it done in "two to three weeks" was way off, but I'm still working on it! Tim is doing all the sound design for it now too, which I'm pretty excited about. It'll be over on the THAC channel....um...whenever it's done. I'm afraid of estimating exact dates now.

We're also in the process of getting things ready for GMX, which starts November 1st. We're working on restocking our DVD and tshirt supplies after selling a lot more than expected at Connecticon (which was awesome!). We'll definitely have the shirts this time too, which we didn't have last year for various silly reasons. I'm also kicking around the idea of having a limited run of semi-GMX-exclusive shirts there. They'll only be available at GMX, but we'll try and figure out a way to sell any extras we have online. I'm thinking it'll either be something related to THAC shorts (like this), or something related to ToTheArk. Not sure yet. Any suggestions?

And finally, speaking of cons, I've been getting a lot of messages recently about what cons Joseph, Tim, and I will be at after GMX. As of right now, we don't have any others set in stone after that. BUT, if there's a convention near you that you'd like to see us at, by all means email or facebook or tweet or telegraph the folks in charge about it. If they'd like an email address to reach us at, mhtroyw@gmail.com is the one. Hopefully this doesn't sound like I'm asking all of you to do the work for us. It's just really difficult to pinpoint the countless cons out there that might have interest in having us around. Thanks a bundle for getting us to all the places we've been to so far too <3

Lots of new stuff coming!