Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Two items

 Last few weeks have been doozies, lemme tell ya.

First of all, big thanks for everyone that came out to see us at Austin Comic Con on such short notice. When we first got there, the three of us mostly just wandered around the show floor because we didn't have a booth. We got stopped a handful of times even then, which was pretty neato.

On Saturday, the panel with us, Doug Jones, and James Moran went really well and had a nice turnout. We were able to open up about the details of the movie a bit more than I was expecting, too. Oh, and speaking of which, I had no idea that James had brought a clip of it with him to show everyone there. That was a pretty cool bonus for all of us, myself included. Unfortunately, we're not able to share the clip publicly and we had to make sure it wasn't being recorded by anyone in the room, so the details of it will have to remain a mystery for now. I'm pretty sure there's video of the rest of the panel around on youtube though, so if you wanna see everything but the movie clip, it's out there.

After the panel we had three hours at a signing booth, where we and Doug Jones gave away stickers and autographs to everyone that stopped by. We were swamped pretty much the whole time, which was also unexpected.

What's not unexpected is how nice Doug always is.

After leaving for the day, we went out to eat with Doug and the Mosaic folks at a pretty nice local place called Red's Porch. It was cool getting to hang out with those guys and get updates on everything else that's been going down with the movie. All positive stuff. That's good. Also Austin's local beer is fantastic.

All in all, it was great! I wish we had gotten more time to prepare stuff and lock in more panels, but I think the folks at Mosaic were just so pumped about getting word out about the movie that they sent us all out to the very first one that gave them a green light for it. I'm cool with that.

Back on the webseries side of things, we got the last two entries shot over the course of two days. Since the location we're using for the school is about a two hour drive away from us, it'd be pretty inefficient to only shoot one entry at a time whenever we're there, not to mention really expensive. That's not to imply we won't be using other, closer, more familiar locations before the ending rolls around though. Who knows. I'm totally NOT going to say that shooting multiple entries while we're at the school should decrease the wait time with them, because every time I do something ridiculous happens that keeps it from being that way. So uh, everything is going to stay the same forever. Yes.

I won't go into too much detail, to avoid the risk of spoilers, but the last two entries were very fun to shoot. Especially for me. Especially for the most recent one. It was one of the few that we had planned out almost entirely since the beginning of season three, so finally getting around to it was great. We'll definitely have plenty to talk about when we record the DVD commentary for this one, that's for sure.

As soon as Tim finishes up with a project he's been working on the past week and a half out in Birmingham, we'll be back to shooting. I guess I can say that we're in the home stretch of MH now because that's really super vague and doesn't imply how many entries are left at all.