Monday, July 9, 2012


First of all, and I know I've said this multiple times in other places, thanks so much for all of the feedback (positive and negative) on Entry #60. It was a real challenge to shoot, but seeing such a big response to it has been completely amazing and really puts wind in our sails. I wish I could tell you everything about shooting it, but I don't think I can do it justice in this format. I guess it will have to wait for the DVD commentary, or when we get off on some kind of tangent the next time we do a livestream.

Oh by the way, speaking of doing livestreams.

I've been getting a ton of requests for us to stream a playthrough of Slender for all of you fine folks. While I'm sure it would be fun, Joseph, Tim, and I talked about it a few days ago and decided that it would be better if we didn't do so. Not because it's a bad or uninteresting game. On the contrary, I played it myself a few days ago and may or may not have removed my headphones after a certain entity suddenly appeared right in front of me. It's really cool that such a reaction can come from such a simple premise. I just feel that the magic of the game comes from playing it alone, completely immersed, and that a lot of that magic would probably be lost if you had to hear us goofing off while playing it. It's also not a particularly long game by design, so it'd end up being a pretty short event after we played it (and no doubt failed horribly) a few times. So we'll leave this one to you guys for the time being.

But hey, if you're itching to watch someone else play it, I'm sure Mr. Pewdiepie has you covered.