Monday, October 22, 2012


It's this weekend, dudes. Hope to see a lot of you there!

Here's our schedule of stuff:

Opening Ceremony
Friday 7pm-8pm
Champion Ballroom
-We'll try our best to be just as awkward as last year when we're introduced.

Orion Slave Auction

Celebrity D&D:
Saturday 2pm-3pm
Palomino-Quarter Horse-Mustang
-Us and some actual famous folk will try to cram in as much swording and sorcering into one hour as possible. This will be the second time we've ever played D&D, by the way. I'm hoping for a beautiful train wreck.

Marble Hornets Q&A
Saturday 4pm-5pm
Palomino-Quarter Horse-Mustang
-Come ask Tim, Joseph, and I what our favorite colors are and then watch us argue about which breakfast cereal is the best. I'm not kidding, that will probably happen.

Season 2 Live Commentary
Sunday 1am-3am (!!!)
-Listen as we desperately try to remember funny things about shooting season 2 off the top of our heads. This was totally awesome last year because we packed the room they gave us and everyone was so rad. Let's do that again this year!

Full schedule here

Whenever we're not at one of the above things, you'll most likely be able to find us at our table in the dealer room. We'll be selling both season 1 and 2 DVDs as well as some shirts. As before, we'll sign anything you want, for exactly no dollars.

Also planning on having a few props from Marble Hornets on display at the table as well. Like a certain mask and a certain doll, maybe. Stop by and see!

And finally, we're going to have an extra special guest there with us too. Who could it be? I'M NOT TELLING.