Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Moving along

Met up with Tim a few nights ago to do a little bit more writing for MH. We focused mainly on the ending this time and then worked our way backwards to where we are now, refining things that were already written and making connections. It's all coming together slowly but surely. We made some really great progress and added a few more plot points that I can't wait to show all of you. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately? I dunno), it's fairly far off. I'm all antsy now!

We shot some footage for Entry #63 yesterday too. We've been having a few issues with it here and there. That, coupled with some rewrites to it, has made the wait for it (again) longer than we anticipated. But it'll be ready to go very soon! After that, we'll be right back into shooting Entry #64. We hit this little speedbump every season, it seems. Things like school and work and other things all coalesce into one annoying blob of impediment. But I think we're at long last getting over it.

Tim and I went to Dragoncon in Atlanta a few weeks ago and ran into some MH fans a good number of times. We even saw a handful of folks cosplaying as "Masky" and "Hoody"! Seeing stuff like that is still mind blowing to me, but I'm so happy to be making something that people like enough to do that for.

Also we met and pseudo-hung-out with George Lowe, the guy that did the voice of Space Ghost on Cartoon Planet and Space Ghost Coast to Coast. I got possibly the greatest autograph ever out of him.

No, thank YOU.

We also snuck into Mindcrack extraordinare Guude's video of the con (around the 1:38 mark). We somehow pulled off co-op air quotes in it. We didn't even plan on that. I'm so proud. Also the background matches our shirts. How does that happen.

So yeah, I'm leaving out like a ton of other things that we did there to keep this from sounding like "What I did on my summer vacation". Needless to say it was lots of exhausting fun. I see it as a kind of a warm up for GMX at the end of October, to get us in the con-mindset. Speaking of which, are you coming to that? I'd give you such a high five if you did.

We're planning on making another promo video for it too, by the way. Similar to what we did last year, but maybe even more stupid. It's hard to tell with these types of things. It should be on the internet at some point in early October.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that Entry #63 is coming soon.


  1. i am so glad to hear the end is far off. been watching since 19 or 20 and im just not ready to give you guys up yet. NOPE.

  2. Good to hear you're still at it.

    I met George Lowe once, nice guy. Signed a Space Ghost t-shirt I bought. He also gave a snack tip of "Pork Bunnies".

  3. Snack tip? Oh, I thought it said "stock tip". I think I'll continue to think that.

  4. Hells yes I'm coming again. I got my Season 1 DVD signed, and I plan on getting my Season 2 DVD signed too.

    Couldn't pass the opportunity up-- you guys are awesome.

  5. Can't wait to see what you guys have planned. Giving Jay a partner to work with should be a nice change of pace, and hopefully it'll go better for him than hanging around with Alex. ^_^;

  6. Unfortunately, I can't go to GMX for lack of time and money. But I will be there in spirit. I'll send my doppelganger to sit in the back of the room and gather info for me.

  7. Still waiting on my Season's 1 & 2 DVD's to come in; ordered 'em like 4 weeks ago! Though I'm halfway around the world, so it's understandable :>

    Can't wait for the next entry. Keep up the good work! Don't strain yourselves too much.

  8. Yup, I'll be at GMX, along with a cohost of Marble Operator podcast, KissofJudas. I'm looking forward to it.

  9. Just watched Entry 63. Can't wait to see Jay and Tim working together in the future entries (although I doubt it'll end well ...).

    I have a meta question, if you don't mind answering it? I'm sure this has been asked countless times before but ... why do Jay and Alex use tapes when they record their respective entries? I mean, it's 2012 ... you'd think they'd be using their smartphones or just a plain ol' digital camera.

    Other than that one little detail that was nibbling at me, I have no other petty complaints to raise (besides bugging you for the next entry, but it looks like you're already on it :P). I just want to say that you folks have done a great job, and to bid you good luck and god speed. Cheerio!

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