Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Geeking at Media Expos

I dunno how to say it any better, but GMX completely destroyed us in the best possible way. We weren't expecting that kind of turn out for us, and I want to thank all of you personally for coming, but that would be kind of weird to do here. I'll be emailing all of you high fives as soon as I'm done here.

The whole weekend was such a great experience, and a perfect renewal for our drive to complete season 2 and start prepping for season 3 as quickly as we can.

Here's a quick list of thanks, because I can't think of a way to elegantly work them in any other way:
  • Thanks to anyone that came to any of our panels. Sorry the one about making a web series was so late and without a powerpoint or something to look at while we rambled on.
  • Bonus thanks if you came to the sci-fi trivia that Tim co-hosted (Joseph and I were Team Bradley, of course).
  • Thanks to all of you that came by our booth, too. We weren't expecting to have one available to us for the entire time (see previous blog post for proof), so we didn't really have much in terms of decorations other than a pile of DVDs and a makeshift sign. Hope we didn't offended too many of the other pro-booth folk.
  • Huge thanks to Mary Fancher for buying the mask we had at the charity auction on Saturday. It sold for the highest price of them all, even beating out a lifesize cutout of David Tennant. No doubt the Oasis Center thinks you're a pretty awesome dude for that.
  • Along those same lines, thanks to Jason Cole for buying us at the Orion Slave Auction (also for the Oasis Center) for an amount that made us the highest sale price of all the guys auctioned (Tiffany and some playboy model beat us, understandably). Our breakfast with you was great!
  • Speaking of booths, thanks to our booth-mates Chris Haley and Curt Franklin over at Let's Be Friends Again for being such cool guys to share a table top with. They drew slenderman by request in a few of their books, if memory serves. Joseph's girlfriend folded their shirts all pretty while they were gone.
  • Thanks to Jason Miller. He has the most intimidating headshot on the planet, but is one of the nicest guys to talk to. His acoustic show at the end of the con was also fantastic. (not to mention being involved in the nice surprise at the closing ceremony)
  • Also thanks to both Ellen McLane and John Patrick Lowrie for seriously being the friendliest people I've ever met at a con. They were both so thankful for all their fans and were willing to sign anything you asked. I now have a signed copy of Portal 2, which I'm totally considering outright framing. Tim also chatted up John enough to where he remembered Tim's name throughout the weekend. Jealous.
  • And lastly but not leastly, thanks to GMX and mastermind Jeremy Miller for inviting us! They were so helpful and made sure all of the people fit in the rooms they gave us for the panels. We'd love to come back next year, hint hint.
That about sums it up. Now we're all back in Alabama and back to having school work to do again. Lame. One more thanks to all of you for supporting us and getting us to cons like GMX. You'll be the first to know about the next one(s) we're going to.


  1. Awesome. So jelly! I would have came but I'm more broke than you guys!

  2. I don't have 1 cent to my name. I seriously considered asking you guys for a ride e.e"

  3. How much did the mask end up going for?

  4. It was so much fun, thanks for giving us so much awesome to attend.

  5. Hey, I saw a job opportunity that looked pretty cool. I don't qualify, but thought of you guys. http://www.scottevest.com/jobs/index.shtml

    Video Storyteller/Shooter/Editor/Motion Graphics w/Great Sense of Humor

  6. Right so . . . Might think about putting up a new vid soon, then?

  7. I'm sure you and the other guys here this a lot, but thank you so much for Marble Hornets, and keeping with it. I'm a huge fan. I love how you guys can make something yourselves that has a much better creep factor than major motion pictures that are suppose to be horror. And I love Masky, there should be a MH store, with a Masky plushie, I'd seriously buy one.

  8. You need to come to Georgia, gais! :I Not too far!