Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Golf Mike X-ray

So here's what we know we're doing at GMX this weekend:

How to Make a Web Series - 12 midnight on Friday (well, technically Saturday, but Friday night.)
Location: Grande West
-We'll try to be as informative as possible with this, without lying. It may devolve into a Q&A about the actual making of MH once we run out of stuff to say. Which I guess would be acceptable as well. Not sure why they scheduled it so late. Hopefully no one will fall asleep.

Marble Hornets Season 1 Live Commentary - 10pm Saturday
Location: Johnson
-This will be our attempt to make up for the lack of actual production stuff included in the Season 1 DVD. There's supposed to be a full on Q&A afterwards, as well.

Season 1 DVD sales - ???pm
Location: We have yet to be told
-At some point, Joseph, Tim, and I will be selling DVDs at a booth for about 2 hours. I think they rotate people at the booths out or something. I'll let all of you know the exact time as soon as I do. We'll be happy to sign the DVDs, or anything else made of a non-DVD material for no charge. My signature is so messy that I may have to pay you, honestly. Rimshot!

Full schedule here

And that's all the official stuff we're doing, that I know for sure. There's been talk of the three of us being auctioned off for charity, as well. I think the winner gets to sit down with us and eat lunch, or spend an hour or two just goofing off. It's not confirmed yet, but it'll probably happen. Bring some money!

When we're not doing any panels, we'll be wandering around the exhibition halls and sitting in on the other neato looking panels. Tim is particularly excited about John Patrick Lowrie, who voiced the Sniper in TF2. We've decided to not make any Jarate comments if we run into him.


  1. Nice, too bad I won't be there in person.

  2. Why? Why are all of these awesome things not near where I live? >:c

  3. Because I live nowhere near Nashville, could somebody please, PLEASE tape Troy, Joseph and Tim's panels and upload them to YouTube for us not-so-fortunate to enjoy? I will love you forever.

  4. Absolutely someone pleeeease tape and upload! I'd love to be there in person (and would totally go if I had the $$$ and time -- two things few of us have the luxury of affording!).

  5. There gonna be any kind of videos of this, y'all?

  6. I doubt there will be any video recording allowed, for legal reasons.

  7. If only I could afford a plane ticket from Japan back to the States...

    Alas, I'll have to be content with being there in spirit!

  8. damn I would really love to go but sadly I can't. Come to anaheim california, i swear i won't molest you buys :) lol

    But nah a upload would be great, any news on when Season 2 is coming out?

  9. ^^^ It's not even done yet dude. Just be patient.