Friday, August 12, 2011

Status Report

It was a busy day yesterday, but we managed to shoot everything that we needed to get done. I think Joseph almost had a heat stroke in the middle of one of the takes, but other than that and having anxiety attacks about the rain early during the shoot, things went well. Glad it's over though.

We also got an awesome phone call regarding a possible future of Marble Hornets while we were getting all of the equipment together to change locations, but as you can probably guess, I can't talk about it right now. Nice surprise though.

So that's two entries shot and one more left to go. We'll either do that tonight or tomorrow night. I'm still tired from yesterday, so tomorrow night seems more likely.

As for the announcement, I'll probably share it come Sunday. I've seen a few people guess it already. Kudos to your mind reading powers.


  1. I'm still waiting for the announcement of Marble Hornets on Ice.

  2. I've got money on Marble Hornets: The Musical.

  3. ^Although this would please me, the possible disappointment tomorrow might kill me if it's any but that.

    I'd rather believe it's about MH coffee mugs, or coolies!

    Perhaps a MH graphic novel? :P

  4. season 3? season 2 dvd?

  5. What I would do in Jay's situation: Buy an iPod, and listen to music constantly at a low volume. If the audio starts freaking out, CONGRATULATIONS, YOU HAVE A VISITOR.

  6. Merch merch merch merch please be merch lol