Friday, April 15, 2011

Go Webby Go

Woah. This is crazy. I'm now officially Troy Wagner: Webby Award Honoree. Sure, I could be all mopey and say Troy Wagner: Webby Award Nominee would have been better, but come on. This is a huge deal. Huge!

Back when we entered into it, I was expecting to get the same "Try Again" that I've been getting under Sunkist bottle caps for the past decade I never would have guessed that what began as this little project I decided to do instead of looking for a summer job would ever make it so far. Getting in the top 10 percent of what's basically the Oscars for the internet is one of the most encouraging things ever. Maybe I'm actually pretty okay at doing this stuff after all.

Or maybe they're just paying me back for hosting it last year...

Alright, enough self-high-fivery. Back to work! Hopefully we'll have something even better in the running next year!

Thanks again for like the hundredth time for making this possible. All of you.

Ninja Update: Let's Play Half Life 2: Freeman Fridays begins tonight at 7:30 EST! Tim decided that Amnesia was just too much for his feeble brain to handle. If you're staying in for the night to play video games, why not watch us do it for you? As always, it's over at

Also, I'm still planning on doing my own LP of the original Alone In The Dark. I'll give you plenty of heads up before it goes down, so stay tuned or whatever.


  1. Next year you'll have something equally awesome in for nominations and then we can all vote-bomb it to winning. Everyone says it, but you deserve every bit of attention and recognition for the series. Honestly, you really do.

  2. It's neat you guys are an honoree :)

    Definitely gonna be watching the LPs.

  3. Am I the only one who doesnt know what an "LP" is in this context?

  4. Congrats Troy! Your "little" web project has brought a lot of joy (and terror) to a lot of people.

  5. Congrats! And every time I see B.J. I keep being reminded of you, it's hilarious that you actually noticed.

  6. No offense to you guys. But I also think Jessica should be nominated for a webbie since she's so amazing on Marble Hornets. Easily anyone's best performance on a web show I've seen in a long time.

  7. None taken, she put us to shame plenty. I'll let her know, I'm sure it'll make her day that someone thinks that!

  8. Cool stuff, Troy.

    (Unrelated: DVD arrived, was all around excellent. Joined the Facebook group for Tim's hair.)

  9. Congrats! You totally deserve it!! :) Your work is amazing!