Friday, December 10, 2010

Things going on

I'm offcially done with this semester. That's pretty nice to know. It was productive, but stressfull juggling two production classes, a copywriting class, and an acting class all at the same time. So what's going on with me now?

NOTE: I'm going to talk about Marble Hornets. If you're someone who values immersion, you should stop reading and go play outside.

Right now, I'm trying to stay busy on Marble Hornets. I was really bad last season with having gaps that were way too big between updates, which made people understandably antsy. So I'm trying my hardest to have a somewhat predictable post schedule this time around.

But of course, there's been speedbumps aplenty. We were supposed to do some shooting yesterday, but there was a hold up in the all too familiar form of having to wait on a few important things for the next entry to be shipped to us from Amazon. We have a ton of footage right now that's ready to be edited and posted, but we don't have anything for the upcoming entry yet, so we need to build that bridge.

I don't usually post behind the scenes stuff, but I feel like I should give you something since you're having to wait a little longer than expected for a new entry. Here's a few pictures from when we've been out location scouting for season 2. Taken with my 47.3 megasuperpixel cell phone camera:

Of course, I can't really elaborate on the context of any of these places, or if they're even going to be used this season, but rest assured we've found some neato locations while out searching.

Other than all that, I have a few good ideas floating around in my head that I'd like to develop into some kind of project. Marble Hornets is fun to do, but it kind of puts me in a corner creatively. I feel like if I stick to a certain way of thinking (in this case, psychological horror-esque stuff), the idea inevitably becomes stale. I need to step back to something different for a while so I can come back with a fresh perspective. We'll see where this new stuff ends up.

I think I'll start posting behind the scenes and production stuff a little more often 'round these parts. It's fun to talk about all the things Joseph and I have been doing. And I'd like at least some record, no matter how poorly written, of all the work we've put into this thing.

Now to wait on some packages to get here...


  1. I think it's perfectly legitimate and reasonable to want a record of the work you all put into Marble Hornets. As someone who's done lots of production and behind the scenes work on shows, I always enjoy seeing the effort people put into shows, movies, etc that I watch.

    Also, waiting on a prop/costume order is the worst feeling ever. A few years back I was waiting on a costume for a dance show and it literally didn't arrive until the day before opening night. Easiest way to set off a panic attack.

  2. Oh I know where you're coming from with waiting on the stuff to get delivered. As an actor and stagehand I encounter that problem on an almost daily basis.

  3. Believe me, I know your pain. I've done prop acquisition before, and it can be a real bitch. For the last show I worked on, I had to get a wooden rocking horse. I spent forever browsing Craigslist and Freecycle, but nothing came up. Finally, I had to resort to asking my stepdad to put one together by hand, and I painted it and had it ready a week before opening night. Needless to say, I decided that after that I was NEVER going to be a stage manager ever again. XD

    Those pictures are absolutely lovely, by the way. The first one is beautiful (I love the way the trees are silhouetted against the sky), and the third one is really giving me the creeps for some reason).

    Oh, and please keep us posted on any other projects you might be working on! I'd love to see what else you can come up with. :)

  4. I blame Anonymous.
    DDoSing Amazon clearly slowed down the delivery.
    It won't arrive for ages, and when it does there will be about 4000 other packets with it.

    ...I was hoping to be able to post this as Anonymous to add to the irony. Curse your log in system. :|

  5. Oh, I didn't even realize non-google people couldn't comment. Fixed that.

  6. Speaking as a film student who loves Marble Hornets, I love behind the scenes stuff. Nearly every project I've worked on has involved taking some production stills because it's nice to be able to look back and see what the main cameras missed (or were hiding).