Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I think I'm going to take a break from my usual blog posts just this once. I feel like this is something that poorly veiled sarcasm and bad attempts at humor will probably hinder. Just saying. End preface.

I'm in the same class as a ton of talented people. I've thought that from more or less the beginning, but watching all the demo reels really cemented it. With stuff like David's beautiful perception of people, Henry's amazing use of framing and color, and Scott's hilariously awesome change in energy, I feel very very humbled. TCF 312 has been a learning experience that I'm so thankful for, and equally thankful for the artists (yes, all of you are artists) that I was able to share it with. When Prof. Raimist mentioned that the class should consider who we'd hire while watching the reels, I could think of good reasons for every last one of you. No lie.

Along with that, this class has proved invaluable not only for showing the massive pile of equipment and the particular look it gives your films, the surprising beauty of DSLRs, or the amount of teamwork required to just move a camera along a fixed track. That's all good things to keep in mind, but for me, personally, this class has given me something more. Something that few other classes have succeeded in doing.

It made me get off my ass and just make something.

I'm kind of a lazy person. It's difficult for me to really get "into" things for some reason, even when the subject matter interests me a great deal. Wait, scratch that, I can get into things. It's just really hard to take the all important first step. I have dozens of projects stored away with nothing more than a bullet point outline for the story. I can't take the true first step and write the script surrounding the ideas. It's just overwhelming to think of all the stuff that will need to be done to see the project through to the end. It's terrifying, honestly.

But TCF 312 made me face it head on whether I wanted to or not. And it's been exhilarating. I love the high I get from having a project flat out finished. I feel so accomplished. And this semester, I felt it more than ever before. I'm sure I'm far from cured, but I've made a massive step in the right direction.

Finally, like I mentioned in class on Tuesday, I've really enjoyed working with other people behind the camera. I've had limited experience sharing an artistic vision with someone, but getting the chance to truly collaborate has been great. I'm so used to going solo with the majority of aspects involved with a production, usually out of necessity, which has been the case with my ongoing web series Marble Hornets (I'm not going to plug myself with a link. I hate feeling egotistical). The opportunity to be able to get a second creative opinion has been eye opening. I've had plenty of shots over the semester that weren't put together by me alone, but by a collaborative effort. The final product has been aided wonderfully by it, too.

So, all things considered, it's been a great semester on the TCF front. All of you have my respect, and I look forward to working again with as many of you guys as I can in the future. See you next semester.