Saturday, August 16, 2014

Continuing On

As you probably noticed, I haven't updated this blog in quite some time. Sorry about that. Truth be told, I kind of forgot about it. Between finishing Marble Hornets, relaunching the THAC Store, the Kickstarter, the podcast, and soon becoming a dad(!!!), This ole' bloggin' thing slipped away from me.

Now that MH has wrapped up, I won't be posting on here a whole lot about it anymore. We're working on figuring out how we want to do an overall THAC blog, where we can post updates on what all we're doing. The program we use for the store has some pretty alright blogging features built into it, so if we don't find anything better we'll just stick with that.

But until then, and so that this update isn't totally devoid of actual updates, here's some stuff we're currently working on:

  • Testing out adding a forum onto the THAC website
  • New THAC Charity items on the store
  • Assembling the MH Season 3 DVD
  • Working on a new DOS-O-RAMA, Earth & You, and THAC Short.
  • More preliminary work on the super secret next series.

Busy as usual, which is great!

Anyway, I'll keep this blog around for more personal stuff now, I guess? I never really have much to say about myself, but I'll try.

In about 4 more months I'll have a daughter flopping around the place, which is totally crazy. I can't imagine I'll have a whole lot of free time once that happens, but I'm pretty okay with that. The only thing I'm worried about is whether or not I'll make enough off of all this to support her properly. It's looking alright for the time being, but this line of work isn't exactly known for its consistency. Getting another job on the side wouldn't be the end of the world, I just love being able to devote all my productivity to what I do now.

Oh well, worrying is dumb. I'll try not to neglect this blog anymore. Thanks to everyone that reminded me I still have it!


  1. My gran says "you aren't going to have any free time once she's born. guess we'll see you in 18 years!"

    She also wanted to congratulate you and to remind you that your little girl needs a grandma to dote on her. :)

  2. Move to Pulaski, film creepy things around here, and let me babysit. A+ idea.

    1. this this this

    2. I also live in Pulaski willow!!! names john!! it is a great idea

  3. You HAVE to give us pictures in December!!!! And her name.
    And pictures.
    *dies of happiness*

  4. Congratulations! I hope everything will go the best way it possibly can :)

  5. Is MH finished or no?

  6. You're going to be a great dad! Congratulations, Troy! :)

  7. you be the BOSS Troy can't wait and question is MH over with or no? BTW love THAC you guys ARE THE INTERNET BOSSES! welp wish you luck .

  8. you guys rock wish you luck Troy, Tim, and Joseph

  9. wow that ending sucked but congrats on dad status.

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