Monday, December 3, 2012

A few things

So Entry #65 was lots of fun to shoot, despite how long it took to actually get it all shot. It was basically the time for us to think up all kinds of weird things to try and get with our chestcam during the "nightmare" portion in the beginning of the entry. While we were brainstorming stuff to shoot, nothing was really off limits. There were a ton of shots listed that were completely crazy to try, most of which we actually went out and got. Unfortunately, we couldn't use all of them, for the sake of keeping the entry at a slightly more reasonable length.  I don't want some of the cooler stuff to go to waste, so I'm thinking I may include an "extended cut" version of it on a magical disc that can be read by lasers that may or may not be happening once season 3 is finished up.

Progress on Entry #66 is going slowly but surely. It's going to be another fairly involved shoot, similar to 65, but I'm hoping we can get it done faster this time. It's nearly finals week for both Tim and Joseph at school, so we're having to work around all of that. I'd prefer MH to not cause them to flunk out of school or something.

Speaking of which, I spent a good bit of last week helping out with Tim's final project for his film class. I don't want to talk too much about it since it's not mine to talk about, but here's something from it that you've probably already seen:

It was so strange only being in front of the camera for a change, and not having to worry about editing and setting up shots. It was almost relaxing. Tim and his team were really really good and getting stuff done, and I'm glad they wanted my stupid face to be in it. I've been told the finished product will be going up on Youtube, so keep an eye out for that, dudes. Tim will no doubt keep all of you updated.

That's all I got for now. Well, there is one more thing, but I'll fill all of you in on it tomorrow. WHAT COULD IT BEEEEEE.




  2. Excited for the surprise! Also, your face is not stupid! You are gorgeous and you know it!

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  4. Thanks for the update, Troy! ^.^ I'm perfectly content to wait, especially if the new entry is anything like #65! :3 An extended cut would be AMAZING, by the way!! :D Finals week is coming up for me as well, so I totally get it. I wish Joseph and Tim the best of luck! Looking forward to Tim's movie, too! Stay well, all of you! ^^