Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kami-Con goings-on

While we will be wandering around Kami Con all weekend, we're only scheduled to do one panel, and that will be tomorrow night at 11pm in the Forum Room, which is upstairs in the Ferguson Center at UA. We'll keep things laid back and just kind of chat for an hour about how we make Marble Hornets and stuff we've learned along the way, time permitting we'll also do a general Q&A. If you're thinking of coming, please do. Tim will let you touch his face or something probably.

After that, we'll be around for the rest of the weekend either at our booth signing stuff and selling season 1 DVDs, or going to the other neato panels, especially anything involving our little sweetie pie Little Kuriboh.

To see all the other stuff going on, here's the full schedule. See you there!


  1. After watching "Concrete Giraffes" it's hard to watch the Operator appear and not think: "HEY GUYS! HEY GUYS!". Little Kuriboh has some the most consistently clever, and fresh humor of any internet persona that ever existed.

    Marble Hornets, Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged and all related projects ftw! By the way, keep being awesome!