Friday, July 1, 2011


Thanks to all of you for the compliments on Entry #43! It turned out very close to how both Joseph and I envisioned it. There's a few things that I maybe should have changed when editing, namely the slightly slower than expected pacing, but other than that I'm very proud of it. I feel like it finally married together story and "action", which is what I've gathered people have been wanting for a while now.

Originally, it was different in almost every way. I had written the script for it on my own, and kind of at the last minute. The day we were supposed to shoot it, Joseph had a few changes to the script he wanted to do. As we talked about it, these small changes ended up becoming bigger changes. Then those bigger changes became script rewrites. Then by the time everything was all said and done, we had a whole new script. It took up more time on our shooting day, which lead to a more stressful time constraint, but we pulled it off. About an hour to spare, too!

Which is good, because otherwise Joseph might not have done his highwire act:

*Highgirder act?


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  2. The last minute managed to terrify me at 3 in the afternoon! Keep up the amazing work! Maybe I'll get lucky and see you when I visit Alabama in two weeks :D a girl can dream!

  3. Yeah, there was something pretty special about Entry #43. At that MH movie night TL and I ran, getting to watch the entire series in one sitting really drove home how you guys have progressed in terms of your ability to show and tell a story, and you're right -- #43 had a kind of narrative balance to it that previous entries may have lacked. It was an awesome note to end the night on!

    However, now you have me imagining Joseph doing crazy highwire acrobatics instead of the dramatic #43 ending there and it's hilarious.

  4. I actually said to myself after seeing the highgirder picture 'You get down from there, you're gonna fall off or something!'

    ...I'm a derp. ^^ loved entry #43.

  5. I didn't sleep after watching that ending... Did allow me to get some things finished finally though.

  6. Proving that even upon completion of one of the most fantastic MH Entries thus far, Joseph never fails to put the herp in derp.

    Never change, guys.

  7. Haha, too funny.

    Know what else is funny? The title of this post. "Post-Game". Is it over now?

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