Monday, May 2, 2011

Tiny vampires hiding in the grass

Slowly getting back up to speed over here. We managed to get everything shot at once on Saturday, but due to having to work crazy hours the past couple of days, I haven't even had the chance to look at what we shot yet. I'm going to try and start editing when I'm off in about two hours.

It was a surprisingly easy shoot. As expected, the hike up to the location wasn't great due to our arms being full of encumbering stuff. I also managed to get two ticks on me, despite my best efforts. Cringe. But once we got to the location, things went smoothly. Blocking, a process that usually takes longer than it should, only took about 20 minutes. After about 4 or 5 takes we were confident we had what we needed. That kind of scares me. It's usually not that simple. Guess I'll find out later today.

I ordered the last bit of equipment for our new, incredibly basic DSLR camera rig on Saturday too. Whenever it gets here, we'll be ready to start shooting our new, "less serious" series. I can't decide how I want to post it, though. It probably won't be on the THAC channel. We want all of the non-MH stuff to be under one production "company" name, so we'll make a whole new channel for it. The biggest problem with that being that we have to find a way to reliably let the audience know where that is.

There's also the problem of when to start posting the new series. We know people value "immersion" within the Marble Hornets universe, so we don't know if we should be posting videos of both Joseph and myself acting....well.... kind of silly. My preference is to start posting them near the end of this season, but who knows what will actually happen.

On a completely unrelated note. I wish I could learn how to wolf whistle.


  1. I hope everything's okay before you guys get back to MH.
    Also I once practiced wolf whistling in a Wal-Mart for an hour and I did it correctly once. Never have since then.

  2. That...last part..made me laugh, I'm sorry. X]

    Hope things work out!! I know the feeling, being a writer. lol And ticks...oh, ticks, how we hate them!! :P

    Praying for y'all! God bless. ^_^

  3. We're praying for you guys in Alabama.

    You can rely on Rachel and I to spread the news of whatever production you have upcoming. :)

  4. I'm sure we can find a way to spread the word. Hope everyone is doing well. Good luck with your wolf-whistling XD

  5. I love this series,(marble hornets) and you guys are really funny when not being.....terrifying. To let people know about it you could go post a thread on Unfiction when the time comes, or switch the link on MH from the DVD page to the new channel.

  6. Glad to see you're doing well and back in action!

  7. hey hey! Long time MH fan here. For me, personally, I think it's worth sacrificing a little of the MH 'immersion' by having both series running simultaneously (because I'm sure you guys don't want to hold off on the new project that long) rather than trying to rush this season of MH. I think you guys have done such a fantastic job building the plot devices this past year and I'm sure I speak for the rest of the MH fan base saying we're uber excited to see how it all pans out.

    I think even if you guys shot a THAC version of lemonparty people will still be able to keep the two worlds separate. If you can't, I do NOT recommend watching Brokeback Mountain and Donnie Darko back to back (no pun intended). I can imagine that getting really... confusing...

  8. Loved the new episode. I knew what was awaiting me in this entry when you mentioned having to carry encumbering stuff. Hopefully the next entry will be coming soon!

  9. You could have Q virus now from that tick