Sunday, September 12, 2010

Preferences preferences preferences

I'm really bad at remembering specific names to all the different kinds of equipment out there, especially when it comes to cameras. Why do model numbers have to be so complicated and hard to remember, geez. Although I guess telling someone you plan to shoot with a Sony electronic-video-camera-model-thing-that-uses-tapes-and-has-a-record-button would sound kind of lame.

Anyway, all of that aside, I do have a preferred camera of the two we've used in class. I won't beat around the bush, it's the JVC. It may be "prosumer" and not "look" as good to onlookers, but if that's the reason you want to get into film making, well, there's too many of you already.

There's about an equal number of pros and cons with the JVC, the most notable con being the fact that there's only one ring that shares focus and zoom that has to be toggled (WHY). But the overwhelming pro, for me, is the complete lack of tapes. I mentioned that in my last post and my mind has not been changed in the week that's passed. Having all my work on a small, easy to lose, sensitive tape doesn't help with my overwhelming video production paranoia at all. And while I guess you could argue that the cards the JVC uses are just as easy to lose, there's still better in my eyes. Plus, I don't have to keep buying another one when it gets full. Oh man we are living in the future huh.

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